Don’t Drink The Shadow Water – Save Another Life

The Shadow Water is a unique type of water and the substance of it can cure a baneling (the walking dead). The water could only be found, not conjured, and was inspired by many wizards.

You will be forced to drink it, but be careful, don’t drink it. Almost every prominent person you know is convinced to support this movement, but be guided – the spirit behind it is evil.

Truth From The Bible

(Revelation 13:15-16).

The second beast […] forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads

Several strategies has been deployed to deceive the whole world with this demonic water.

Amazon As The Marketplace

Amazon is now playing the part, as the biggest online marketplace, they will be the major outlet to market this evil water. Your activities on Amazon is same as it is in the real world, the difference is that you need the invisible you [Your Google Account] to be signed in on Amazon servers – then you can buy and sell anything.

In Revelation 13

Verse 17: – And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Also be reminded that you cannot make transactions on Amazon with physical currency, you need a digital one, and a popular and easy way to pay is by using PayPal

Learn everything you need to know about PayPal here

The Conspiracy With Google

I want you to understand that Google is not just a search engine as many believe. The organization was founded and stationed strategically, waiting for the right time to shoot.

As you already know, Google has all the information about you that no one else knows, at some point – even yourself is unaware.

Almost every application you use on your mobile device is owned by Google; this means that everything you do with these apps are recorded and kept by Google.

  • Contacts
  • Phone and Call log app
  • Message app
  • Map
  • Photos
  • Gmail
  • Hangouts
  • Duo [For Video Calls]
  • Drive
  • Calendar
  • Chrome Browser
  • Play Store and others

Google’s Part [ Played Well ]

Type in your full name on Google search engine box, did you see results about yourself? If you didn’t – please stop reading this post now, but if you did, then there are problems to deal with.

When you resist the pressure to sign in for the Shadow Water Enrollment, a simple click on your name on Google will pop up all needed details about you and your consent won’t be needed to clone you – this is the primary reason for the injection of the shadow water

If they successfully produce a robot that knows everything you have in your brain, as that will be their primary focus, where you’ve been, things you’ve read and seen, list of your friends and family…and more, (Google will surely provide more info about you as they are open source). Then you are not irreplaceable anymore.

How To Remain Safe From This

  • Use Google‘s own feature in every app to edit the information you supply to them.
  • Turn off your GPS location always – turn off the tracking feature from the advanced account settings area.
  • Check the address of any website properly, and ensure that there is a green padlock before the address you typed – before signing in with your Google account; as this will automatically upload all information Google has about you to the third party. And you have only one account to access all of Google‘s products

The part Covid-19 Played

Coronavirus was used as an agent to successfully pause the current flow of events in the world, instigate fear and chaos and on the process, implement the full plan, and commence the distribution and enforcement. Soon all activities, buying and selling – Education – Religious activities will continue online.

Only a few financial activities will take place offline where you are right now, mostly because the huge part is taking place online where your digital copy is playing [be reminded that Google has access and control over everything about this digital version of you]. Can you trust this version to represent you better in the real world?

The Vaccine

After researchers in China published the genome sequence of the coronavirus on January 21, scientists around the world set to work on a vaccine. The first candidate began human trials on March 16.

It’s now joined by nearly 200 others being tracked by the World Health Organization — 44 of which have entered human trials.

It normally takes years to test, produce and deploy vaccines. The fastest ever vaccine to be brought from clinical testing to market, the vaccine for mumps, took four years in the 1960s.

Scientists working on coronavirus vaccines are hoping to deliver one within 12 to 18 months. And the World Health Organisation hopes to roll out two billion doses of a vaccine by the end of 2021.

Please kindly share this message with your loved ones; The Shadow Water is real…No one should drink the shadow water that is coming.

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