See What Apostle David Adedeji Was Caught Doing Behind Closed Doors

For we are all called to service and given various gifts in the Holy Spirit of the one true God, but the choice is to many to use theirs aright – but for the benefit of all in the Lord. it is then of Him that calleth and also rewards everyone according to their works.

The truth about God’s word cannot be overemphasized, it is neither unlimited nor powerful beyond human comprehension.

It is a stream of life – an overflowing source of Living Spring of life that purifies and makes whole, leaving no part untouched.

Living Spring International Church Auditorium

A recent development, news making round the social media has it that the General Overseer of Living Spring International Church in the person of Apostle David Adedeji is now in the lead of ministers using supernatural abilities to wrought unimaginable miracles.

Don’t get it twisted, this is a man of God i love, respect and hold in high esteem. Earlier in the month of July, he declared a praise month program to be on through the 31days of the month, and this piece of white cloth was given to every member of the church, to mark the grande opening of the July praise month.

Unlike some ministers of the gospel, the man of God is not selling the piece of cloth, instead he anoints the receiver with a blessed oil – and prays for and with the congregation.

Some of the members came out to testify during the ongoing praise month program – one of them – a woman who said she was abandoned by her husband for years, but after sessions of prayers with the piece of cloth, received unimaginable blessings or miracles so to say.

In her testimony, she also affirmed that the husband returned home and the three abandoned children were each gifted assets and plots of land. Could this be true or just a fable like most people believe.

Another pregnant woman who led in sessions of high-praise songs during the weekend (Sunday) of the third week of the praise month program reportedly became ill and down with high fever afterwards.

But news also has it that she used the same piece of cloth and prayed fervently with it, and miraculously delivered without the usual stress or labour a bouncing baby boy the next day (Monday).

The man of God broke the news of her safe delivery to the entire congregation the next day during the usual service week, and called out another minister to lead the same song the woman sang on Sunday before her delivery – it was indeed a superb stir and uproar.

Speaking in a sermon afterwards, the man of God urged the members to continually seek God’s presence and live a holy life consistently to attract more of God’s blessings.

Pop Gospel musician Bethel Edison also ministered in songs during the praise month program – leaving the scene of the event urged the congregation to praise God continually.

Bethel Edison ministering during the praise month program

Later in a recent tweet after the fourth lap of the event. Bethel teased “man of God healing people with miracle piece of cloth – could this be true”. See tweet below.

No one knows the source or the truth of this story yet, but crossing our fingers, we leave the rest to God – He alone is the righteous and faithful judge, but woe unto him that points accusing fingers to the Lord’s anointed.

Judging by the testimonials and confirmations from the members, one could see with the scope of true spirit and righteousness, elements of the supernatural and God’s handiwork at play here. In everything, to God be all the glory.

Apostle David Adedeji – General Overseer Living Spring International Church