How To Turn Visions Into Your Own Reality

You were created as a superhuman, more powerful than the Angels – but until you find your other half – life will seem miserable, awkward and uncomfortable for you. Utilize your power to visualize and create the second person exactly the way you desire to be, then slowly walk into the image of your creation. such is your reality.


God’s word in Philippians 4:13 states that; “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”

This literally means you can actually do everything you could think of. This isn’t a metaphor, is a reality.


  • Visualize it clearly; It begins with two easy words: goal clarity. If the final result appears blurry to you in any way, then you will struggle to fulfill it. Most people simply do not spend enough time defining what “success” really looks like.
  • Pursue it fiercely; Visions paints the picture. Passion fuels the fire. But action alone gives life to your goals.
  • Find someone who can hear you; Dreams, visions and ideas are often belittled and diminished by friends, family and colleagues. They ask questions in their quest to keep you ‘safe.’ they don’t know how to listen or hear you and your ideas properly. And it’s that special type of hearing that the person with a vision needs more than anything at this stage. Visionaries see and feel on a different frequency than the average person.
  • Believe it passionately; One thing is to have a dream, another is to believe it and make it happen. There is no better way to get the ball rolling than to believe you can. It takes great energy at first, but when you reach your tipping point – things begin to snowball down the hills in a magnificent way.
  • Never quit; I’ve seen so many people that started a project or business casually, hoping to transform it into a whole bunch of success – but along the lines, they encounter difficulties and quit. You could only be 2 minutes away from your breaking point, a little persistence does the magic.


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