The Prophecy is fulfilled – Jesus is here.

Let the chosen be sealed in glory, and the elect with his sweet desires and pure heavens, bearing truthful witness and posessing the eternal bliss in glory – Lord Most High, let the songs of the chosen arise up above to He who was, and is to come. Behold the Angels are singing and we join them now.

This Victory Looks Like Defeat

There is an unseen warfare ongoing – some people think there should be a mighty blast of trumpet sound before the war begins, that’s how losers are made, they go to the battlefield hoping to find victory while winners already won within themselves before going to make war.

Awake now! Arise if you’re sleeping, that time you read about, studied about, prayed and fasted about in Church is now, why do you hide inside your houses masking your faces in fear seeking for victory – Already know just exactly what is happening here now but choose to let them figure it out too for a reason.

And from within, i visualize the great multitude in white robes, and as the most high – the glory covering me caused the children of God to win, now they are at the edge – and their victory just began.

I suppose their opponents will be wondering what is happening now, this minute they are winning – the next they’re losing – but now no further hope of winning because the children of God are walking in the spirit, flowing with the energy within them while the enemies thought it was only happening on the battlefield.

Spiritual attainment did not only play a big part in securing the victory for the people of God, they also embraced love and won.

Whenever you get to a crossroad, it normally seem too hard to spot the right one to the destination you seek, then the confusion begins, but don’t be weary or find a reason not to pray again. Really this is the time you have to be stronger than you were before, the enemy already saw the package that has been released in your name and he’s waging war against you not to stop it, because he can’t – but to shift your focus on different things, now is the time you have to connect to the spiritual reality. The battle line is drawn.

The enemy is a trickster, he wants you to be farther from the only one who can deliver you from his grasp, then hit you with the banger – beware of his evil code.

But rejoice, because the Lord Most High already made all things new, whenever i look up to praise, my spirit is poured out and i see Jesus sitted by the Father whispering “good thing is about to happen” can you hear Him😇

The hand of the Lord is mighty to save be still and know that God is for you.

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