Your phone can be turned into a completely advanced tool for solving different problems you will likely spend money on – in most cases this unknown solutions kills many. But in five quick steps, i will show you how to tap into these essentials and become limitless. Number three (3) will amaze you.

1. Monitor your Heart rate

Without the need of any doctor or medical professional, you can monitor your heart rate. Whether you are an athlete or suffering from any heart disease, you can check your heart rate by simply placing the finger on camera lens for ten seconds.

The app will identify the change in color of your finger each time your heart beats and record the pulse rate. The application will keep the record of your tests, which you can share with your doctor to take advice. You can download this application from Google Play and Apple’s AppStore.

2. Discover and Solve your car’s problem using your phone

Not sure what’s going wrong with your car, but aren’t in the mood to pay a mechanic hundreds of bucks to tell you it’s nothing?

There’s an app for that. Download the Automatic Pro app for your iPhone or Android device and you’ll get an adaptor that allows you to plug it into your car’s ODB-II port, usually located near the base of the steering column. Once it’s plugged in, the app can remind you where you parked, diagnose engine trouble, and even alert your loved ones in the event of an accident. And for more ways to make the most of your device, 

3. Encrypt your phone data

Encrypting your phone is a smart idea. By doing this, it scrambles your data into an unreadable state and it requires your PIN, password or pattern lock to decipher it.

You see in those military movies where a set of codes is required to complete a task – and these codes are kept by three generals probably in different countries, the first person to collect and put together all the codes is granted access, that is exactly how it works – immediately you power on your device, you will need to input a pin, password or pattern to start the booting process. [These codes are regular ones you use to unlock you device screen – so now you have to keep it safe and private]

This means that even though your phone goes into the wrong hands, they will need your to access the phone completely from booting process, meaning that the phone cannot be flashed and it cannot be assessed unless you come and input your code.

To turn your Android phone’s encryption on, go to Settings >> Security >> then tap Encrypt phone. If your phone is not encrypted yet, the whole process may take an hour or so, depending on the amount of data stored.

Also, keep in mind that encryption may slow down your phone. Although this is no longer an issue with newer phones, older phones with slower processors can be impacted.

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