I POURED OUT MY SPIRIT ALREADY – TO HEAL YOUR LAND [Prepare to rise with me Israel]

For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.

Isaiah 44:3

Give thanks to God for He is good, His mercies endures forever – again give thanks to the God of all the earth, for He is good And His mercies endures forever – again give thanks to the God of all the heavens for He is good And His mercies endureth forever.

There will be times when you are up and times when you are down – but in all just look around and you will find me, i am by Your side – I’m never too far. Through your story is my fingerprints – in the valley, there is confidence – in your fears I will be your strength, through the chaos I will be there, you’re still covered by my Love. ___JESUS

The past has held you long enough, but I am drawing you with love here now. In this moment you are breaking out. I’m pouring out my spirit on all humans receive it now.

Shame has taking you long enough but in this moment you are breaking forth, I’m leading you to the well of abundance and making all things new, here comes freedom now.

The same is what i can do – God of wonders, my power has no end, same things i have done in greater measures, same hurt i have healed – same mountains i have moved – same storms i have stilled and I will do again.

There is no prison walls you can’t break through – all things are possible. When they locked down Paul and Silas in the prison I stepped in the didn’t know where I came in from they were fully on guard with the armour of the flesh, but when I step in my glory, every storm is stilled.

Your darkest night – I can light it up. Let your hope arise because death was overcome and you have already won. I rose in victory and now I seated forever at the right hand of He who was and is. So why should your heart fear what I have already defeated. No broken body that I can’t raise no story that I can’t change.

Only to say but a few. When the enemies thought they have captured Sampson. I proved to them that he is still my servant that was saved by my power.

When Goliath was insulting my people Israel I raised from the dust a boy that defeated him and give glory to my name.

When king Sennacherib insulted my servant Hezekiah, the King I made over my people – I showed him that I am the God of all the Earth and defeated him by the hands of Hezekiah and by the power in my name.

Why is it that you don’t get the judgement you deserve? why is it that you don’t get the punishment of your sins, the full weight of your iniquities being taken away – wave upon wave of Grace upon Grace. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.


Dear God we speak it into existence that we want to align with the presence of Jesus in this place we were aligned with your power we want to mount on the positive pole tuned to the frequency of your daily supply, the radio pool of your protection, mounting on the healing wings of your spirit. Be it unto us according to our faith as we profess your love and confess you’re sovereignty in all the Earth. release yourself in this place speak out your faith into action, say; it is well with my soul forever.


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