The following contains fictional elements and characters – you accept that you are fully responsible for everything you understand, or ideas you create as a result of this work. Under the Soul section 2-1-4.


There will be a cosmic and spiritual metering tonight which you are involved in, carrying a club and running after a light ray wholeheartedly. But lean not on the one you have – only connect with the one that is.

Once upon a Time in a town called Iluma Ntege, on the north side of Akatupea beautiful island near the hills. A child was born to an immigrant farmer with his wife and five other children.

Nurtured in a rich and well protected family, Akuma grew strong and healthy under the strong watch of the family, which love him so much – he later finished school and left the family house to struggle for himself. He thrived against all odds because it was said in a prohecy before he was born – he will pass through many battles but he wins them all.

There also exists some cosmic beings in a distant kingdom called Kadicur — These ones were nurtured for the purpose of warring against Akuma as the prophecy says.

  • MOLECUR – The First to appear and also the head of dryness. This was revered by the two others in a god-like form, attacking Akuma consistently.
  • MANICUR – The Second to appear and also the warlock lord. This one always comes in different forms especially when He (Akuma) is alone, aiming at eliminating Him completely to overturn the prophecy.
  • PEDICUR – The last to appear and also the trickster. This one comes in many faces — aiming to distract His focus so He will lose concentration from the real image.

After wrestling and battling with The Oftyne Delinsthis is the name they bear as a team when they operate in group — Akuma shouted for help when he found out that they were overpowering him, and immediately there appeared this one with a Godly Aura — sitted on a White Horse, behind Him are hosts of other Divine Beings marching down from the clouds towards the scene where The Oftyne Delins are attacking Akuma.

When the trio saw Him from a distance, they left the innocent boy and tried to flee – but then the one riding the Horse opened His mouth and fire came out and directly after The Oftyne Delins…

…to be continued!

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