Don’t sit around waiting for your career to happen to you – step up and make it happen! Here are few ideas to breathe new life into your career and to make sure you are building a foundation for long-term success.

Your life and career cannot be conducted from behind the scenes, but these days it is tough to get a start as a new artist without spending at least some time behind one. As some may figuratively rephrase that as ‘Who you helped’

It is very common in most careers, especially the youths to believe that once they start following a mentor on a particular field of play – it makes them inferior to that master, so they choose to do it their own way and remain superior, so they think — most times it is normal to do that, but in reality – you will do what you would have done in six (6) months now in five (5) years because of that ego.

Is important to learn from a master – one who has mastered the art you’re venturing into – one who is not faint in letting the cats out of the bag for you – one who is not too proud to suppress their ego to lead you to your desired victory point.

During my visit to Oslo for a lead generation seminar and Ivan Concert, I was awed by Alice’s speech – A 19years teenage girl from Norway, something struck me the moment she mounted the stage, her composure and audience engagement was mind-blowing. When she stepped out of the stage, I was moved to approach her for some personal questions – some of the things she said in reply only to mention but a few – She said and i quote;

We all know that, as entrepreneurs, we need to wear many hats. We’re often accountable for a wide range of responsibilities, from marketing and business development to accounting and inventory control. As your career and business grows and begins to see some cash flow, however, I encourage you to get help with the tasks that you either can’t do well or perfectly – then utilize their core strengths. At that point, having well-developed leadership skills is critical to success

Also, during an exclusive interview with some lead industry bigheads – I discovered that success in your career is not what you get when you work hard overtime – but a coupled fragments of years of failures and experiences, perseverance over failed proposals – you power up your mind and let disappointments drive you to lasting success.

In Summary: You are what you say consistently – talk yourself to the top, let your words work for you while your actions plays the visual tape, victory is also achieved in love – be passionate about what you do and get so obsessed with it to the point that you can kill to get that desired goal. But in all honesty and wisdom – “thou shall not kill”.


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