Some destinies are intertwined, but it doesn’t mean either party is weak or strong – but in the end, only mercy prevails.

LUKE 21:15

“For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict”.

Just like someone lost in his thoughts, sitting by the tree alone – and staring at the stars *hoping to become more than he had ever seen and hoped for to believe and be saved completely.


…And before you know it you start believing in things you shouldn’t – it will begin to bother you and your soul will be at unrest. How does it feel without yourself?

NOW you have to live or leave.

Meditations and staying alone sometimes is beneficial, but is addictive to an extreme you may not come out or want to deal with people any longer


  • Uplift your spirit in worship and praises alone and aloud.
  • Believe in the leading and promptings of the holy Spirit.
  • Secure the peace in your soul.
  • Don’t feel ashamed to believe in what you say and live it.

But while you are standing, be sure to consult your higher self on a regular – and your idol will always inspire every move to success – And Chores shouldn’t stop you from reading and mastering a page from your divine book of guidance.

Believe, Love and Live


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